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:HG: Haruka Mishi by semepai :HG: Haruka Mishi by semepai
I tried a painting thing and winged it.
So, yeah. He cut his hair again but you can still tie like a tiny ponytail.
But re-vamped this lil shit again :iconpapmingplz:
    ° Name: Haruka Mishi
    ° Age: 15
    ° Gender: Male
    ° Blood Type: A
    ° Height: 6"2
    ° Birthday: June 13
    ° Specialty: Guitar
    ° Sub-Specialty: Soccer
    ° Personality:
    Italic - Sides he shows more often, easier to notice, only shows if your an acquaintance or a stranger.
    Bold - Sides he often doesn't show often, harder to spot out, only shows if your close to him. --
    |Romantic|Over Protective|ChildishResponsible|Sensible|Caring|
    Note: If you get on this guys bad side, then hes not even going to look in your direction. :iconmingplz: 
    ° Preferred Activities: Sleeping, composing music, singing, cooking/baking, any sports that get him running around and active, sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping.
    ° Likes: Blowing dandelions, oranges, his guitar, writing songs, spending time alone (but not feel alone), anything he finds adorable, 
    ° Dislikes: Waking up early/being disturbed during a nap, whiny/complaining people, being forced/under a lot of pressure, dressing up all fancy (He thinks it’s unnecessary), spiders, math
    ° Backstory: Haruka was born and grew up in Kobe as an only child.
    He lived in a large house in the suburbs with his mother, who’s a professor at the local University and his father, a well-known doctor in the area. 
    At a young age, Harukas father played guitar from time to time and the family always gathered around to listen. Haruka was instantly fascinated by the soft and sweet sounds the classical guitar could make and instantly wanted to learn. He always went up to the guitar in his father’s study even when he wasn't supposed to. Even when Haruka was starting school and in elementary, each time when he arrived at home, strumming on the guitar strings was his first thought each and every time.
    Not being able to stand telling their son to stop picking at the guitar, Haruka’s parents gave him a guitar of his very own when he was 7.
    Ever since that day, Haruka spent as much time as possible to learn the strings, notes and the fingering placements.  He practised by playing tunes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and small parts of songs. His father guided him through the difficult steps, but Haruka mostly wanted to learn by himself and guide himself through. Gradually getting older and better at the guitar, Haruka began composing his own music and became more passionate about music. His mother was also a bit of a singer every once and a while, so Haruka himself started to sing and play guitar, but his focus was mainly the instrument itself. 
    Every time he played a song or started to compose a new one, he always wanted to let whomever was listening feel what he felt while working on the piece, he wanted it to be as realistic as possible and he wanted the message sent through sound without any aid from a voice.
    Reaching middle school, Haruka had set his mind onto aiming as a musician and worked quite hard on reaching his goal.
    He was very independent when learning the guitar and same goes for his studying.
    Though he worked this hard, that didn't stop Haruka to mess around just a little like hitting on girls.
    But those happy moments eventually stopped as Haruka’s parents started to bicker.
    It became just small arguments, but it became louder and maybe even violent.
    The reason behind all these arguments were because of their worry for Harukas future, either he should really live as a musician.

    After one unforgettable fight, Harukas parents decided to file a divorce.
    Haruka disagreed and tried to protest, but it was no use and he watched blankly as his father slowly packed and left out the house without a word. It was nearly the last time Haruka ever saw or even heard from his father since. 
    Through his last year in Middle school, Haruka didn't really touch his guitar or composed more music, he would lazily strum some strings every once and a while but never really picked it up and fully play it. His mind was usually pre-occupied by the work the school stacked upon him, as well as the divorce his parents had confirmed.
    He thought it was his entire fault, his fault for wanting to be what he wanted to be.

    His mother thought the same and was worried sick for her child. She knew the divorce had broken him, but she and Haruka’s father didn't want him to live with a house with just arguments. She had searched around the web and several school boards thus that ended up with her finding a newsletter about Hoshino. Looking over deeper into the school and what it provided, Harukas mother was satisfied she found Hoshino and confronted Haruka with it. Of course, he was hesitant on it, the divorce and all, he didn't want to burden his mother again.
    But after a small and reassuring talk, Haruka gave in and auditioned. 
    ° Extra Info:
    ♫ His voice is K.Will…
    ♫ He doesn’t mind playing electric guitar, but he liked the soft tunes of the acoustic better. Example of what he would sound like w/ an electric [link] 
    ♫ His usual (acoustic) guitar covers example(s), [link][link] and [link]
    ♫ Since Elementary, his parents signed him up for soccer and he very much enjoys it and is still very active in the sport
    ♫ That necklace is from Izumi as a gift c': thanks for putting up with my stupid child
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